We will be embarking on a series of lighting projects around Evesham to reflect the rich and interesting heritage of Evesham and the surrounding area.

Phase 1 will include lighting The Bell Tower, The War Memorial and projecting on the Almonry in Evesham. We hope to launch these in November 2018.

The Almonry Projection

Bright Signals have been contracted to create this project. Bright Signals are helping with design and community engagement and War Pro are dealing with the projection equipment and installation.

We are starting the process with getting planning permission and devising the community engagement programme. Ideas for the engagement programme include an education pack for schools, animation workshops, masterclass in projection mapping, visual art installation etc. These creative ideas and images will inform the artist’s final designs for the projections on the Almonry and others. War Pro have already done a test projection on to the building which was received well.

The launch date for this is tbc but after dark. There will be some arts activities happening throughout the launch such as shadow puppetry and make a light and catering as well.

The idea is that this projection will be up for a year or so and that new projections will be created using the template by other designers. More funding will need to be found for this though.

The War Memorial Lights

Maynards were awarded the contract for this project. The contract was a partnership with 3 companies. Maynards did the lighting installation, Ridge did the lighting design and Architainment did the programming of the lights. There are 7 lights on the grass area in the semi-circle pointing in front of the memorial with colour as well as white lights.

Maynards, Ridge and Architainment have also recently finished a lighting project at Alexandra Palace on the old mast, very impressive

The launch event was Sunday 11th November 2018 from 6pm where a moving service was held by reverend Andrew Spurr and singing and poetry by Deborah Rose, Martin Riley and children from St Mary’s Primary School, Broadway.


The Bell Tower Lights

NoiseBoys Technologies have been contracted to update the lights to The Bell Tower. There has been a wish to light the fourth wall as well (currently only 3 sides lit). The shopping centre have agreed to allow it to be run from the shopping centre remotely.

Noiseboys did a test of the lighting back in the summer which created fantastic results. Noiseboys have proposed to re-new the lighting poles and bring them closer to the building.  They will also update the lights to LED. All of this will create a more interesting affect and some shadowing as well as lighting the whole of the building.

The launch of the lights will be Saturday 15 December 5.30-7.30pm. Drop in and see the light show and also there will be shadow puppetry, make a lantern and a projection workshop.  The idea is that a light show will be put on for a couple of hours to showcase what the lights can do, then they will be on every evening. There will be the ability to have colour for special occasions as well.

Image courtesy of SDNA