Lots of people immersed themselves in the ‘Hut of Silence’ a contemporary sound and film installation based on the untold stories of WW1 and other wars at All Saints Church, Evesham from 18th October to 15th December 2018.

The installation was designed by Creative Solutions. David from Creative Solutions filmed and recorded local people from the British Legion and local dementia café about their memories of family in the war. Jacqui worked with 6th formers from Prince Henrys school on 19 September to help create the physical installation. The sound, music and physical installation was installed at All Saints Church on 17 October and was open on 18 October to the public until 15 December. It was open every day 9am to 4pm. We had 4 ‘live edit’ sessions where the public came and contributed their thoughts and memories of family in WW1 or Evesham in WW1 and other wars. These have been uploaded to the exhibition so that it has changed over its time period.

“All village, town and cities should have a hut of silence in at least one church” Quote from comments book

” I come every day and read one of the letters written in the war on the hut” Quote from viewer

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Image courtesy of SDNA